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Our Team

Fishel Frid
Founder & CEO

With firsthand knowledge and over 10 years’ experience in all aspects of the ESCO business: financial, regulatory, EDI, marketing campaigns, broker management and much more, Fishel set out to create Enersoft as a powerful ESCO software solution for any business looking to play in the ESCO arena without needing to spend an arm and a leg on designing, building and maintaining their own custom software.

Prior to his ESCO experience, Fishel spent years as a software entrepreneur, as well as developer, designer, architect and manager for different companies and industries, including retail, pharmaceutical and telecommunications.

As former SVP of Technology for IDT Energy, Fishel was the architect and designer of their energy systems software platform from the ground up. Today, he is considered one of the most knowledgeable leaders in the ESCO industry and serves as a sought after consultant for new ESCO startups.

In addition to overseeing every aspect of Enersoft’s day to day operations, Fishel is focused on ensuring Enersoft is constantly working exactly the way he envisioned. He actively helps clients with further customizations and is involved in strategizing future upgrades and releases, ensuring Enersoft and its clients are always way ahead of the competition.

Fishel has an Electrical Engineering and Computer science degree from the Metropolitan University in Mexico City.

Yaacov Weiss
Director of Marketing

Yaacov is director of Enersoft’s Sales & Marketing division. Yaacov’s corporate business career includes operating his own marketing and branding firm TUG branding and serving a variety of clients in over 20 different industries.

As an entrepreneur, Yaacov has more than ten years of successful experience launching, owning, operating and growing businesses.

At Enersoft, Yaacov’s chief responsibility is to reach out to new potential clients and provide outstanding support to current clients ensuring the Enersoft platform and teams exceed all expectations.


Lauren Nadata
Director of Business Development

Lauren has a broad expertise in business development within the technology spectrum, which makes her so valuable.

She is a master in building lasting relationships with one goal in mind: Make sure that the customer is very, very satisfied.

As part of an organization she is both a team player and a independent individual with very creative ideas.

At Enersoft, Lauren’s chief responsibility is to develop bran new opportunities that enable our internal growth, as well as the growth of our customers.


Yitz Frid

VP, Business Development

Yitz is a marketing whiz who brings years of experience spearheading marketing campaigns for web startups and and international luxury travel brands.

He is fanatically devoted to the campaigns he runs and meticulous about every detail to ensure the constant growth and success of his projects.

Yitz’s specialty is integrating innovative methods of marketing and business development within the structure of the entire company, creating a supercharged environment for growth.

Solomon Smith
Director of Software Development

Solomon leads all the software development efforts within Enersoft. His ultimate focus is to assure that the software continuously exceeds expectation and delivers the best possible end-user experience.

Solomon is fanatical about codebase stability, and passionate about delivering a product that meets the highest levels of quality.

Solomon brings to Enersoft years of experience developing cutting-edge platforms. His vast understanding of technology enables Enersoft to utilize the best tools and techniques available in the industry, giving our products the greatest present, and the brightest future.

Nikki Mandel
VP, Technology and Quality Assurance

Nikki is a young and dynamic technician with experience in many areas of Information technology.

She has been a lead in many critical projects within Enersoft and is always making sure that our products run smoothly and efficiently.
Nikki dedicates a lot of her efforts within the Graphic Design and embellishment of our systems.
Additionally, a lot of her focus is in assuring that the quality of all Enersofts products is impeccable and meets the highest standards within the industry.

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