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How much does it cost to use Enersoft?

 Costs vary depending on many factors including number of utilities and number of customers, However please note that we have such a high level of automation, and such a small amount of technical support issues, that allows us to have great flexibility with our pricing, so we can almost assure you we can beat any estimate out there. Please call for a free demo and a personalized quote.

Is it easy to transfer from my current software to Enersoft?

Yes, Our technicians do 99% of the work for you including data migration from your old system to ours and setting up your software to reflect your personalized settings and requirements. We’ve done this many times and can assure you that the transition will go smoothly.

Is Enersoft a complete, turnkey solution?

Yes – Enersoft runs all your EDI, billing, reporting, broker management, etc.

Should you desire further customization, our programmers are available to customize it even further for a reasonable fee.

Do you train our staff on how to use the program?

Yes- Signing up with Enersoft includes a complete training module where we can come down to your office to train your staff, or do it remotely via webinars. Additionally, we offer ongoing training by phone, email , screen sharing sessions and video presentations.

Do you host Disaster Recovery and backups for our data and system?

Yes, as a hosted solution, everything you do on Enersoft gets backed up in real time and is stored in 2 different locations on the globe. Enersoft keeps its servers with Rackspace which includes a rapid recovery system.

How is Enersoft different?
  • First and Foremost, because of our state of the art unique billing mechanisms: “Retroactive Billing” and “Surgically Accurate” rate changes, ESCOs are able to bill anywhere between 4-8% more that with the competition. This is awesome and we can prove it to you!! Ask about our Billing Products.
  • Enersoft provides the highest level of automation and requires minimal manual input.
  • All reports are automatically cross-examined against each other to assure a high degree of reliability.
  • We hold ourselves to high standards with a strict QA process to assure results are accurate.

Do we need special hardware to run Enersoft?

No, Enersoft is a hosted, web based solution. All you need is a computer and internet connection. You access it from anywhere in the world.

What kind of customer support do you provide?

Enersoft provides unlimited phone, email and remote screen sharing support during regular business hours. We are available after hours for urgent matters.

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